The Sparkle List #2

The sudden turn to chilly weather has brought images of cozy and chunky knits to mind.  This week’s list is devoted to the thick and plush yarns and the warm knitted creations that make brilliant use of of them.



Loving the glamorous combination of a luxurious and bold knit with fur.

2.a0fe9670805b754271f81a20a6387e95This adorable turban does double duty as a stylish accessory while keeping you warm.

Available at lyst.com


How amazing would it feel to be wrapped up in this blanket in the midst of winter??  Chunky knit blanket available for $242 at Loopy Mango’s Etsy Store.

The knitting needles used to create this throw are just as cool!

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If this were my bedroom, I know I would never leave the bed in the dark chilly winter mornings.

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The gigantic scale of the yarn makes this knit such a sculptural work of art.