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Blood, Sweat, Tears…and Lace

There is a common misconception about machine knitting. Most hand knitters think that it’s “cheating” and that the machine does most of the work for you. I’ll admit that I felt the same way until my arthritis forced me to try it. You know what I have found? The machine does not do most of […]


How to Line a Hand Knit or Crochet Bag

I got a request on Instagram to write a tutorial on how I line my hand knit and crochet bags, so here it is! I know everyone hates fussy finishing techniques but I highly recommend lining your bags. The lining will make your project look much more professional and will prevent it from stretching out […]


The Sparkle List #4

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy this holiday-themed edition of the Sparkle List!   1. These adorable knit pumpkins make a great Thanksgiving meal centerpiece. 2. The highly anticipated Black Friday shopping at includes this Isotoner knit beanie, available for only $15.75. 3. Part of Thanksgiving is to appreciate what you have in life, but it […]


The Sparkle List #2

The sudden turn to chilly weather has brought images of cozy and chunky knits to mind.  This week’s list is devoted to the thick and plush yarns and the warm knitted creations that make brilliant use of of them.   1. Loving the glamorous combination of a luxurious and bold knit with fur. 2.This adorable […]


Fair Isle Charity Hat Pattern

I’ve been gone for a while but I come bearing gifts – a free hat pattern! So, they are having a charity drive at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio to collect donations for Hats 4 the Homeless. I was inspired to donate but of course with me being me I couldn’t just use any pattern, […]


The Sparkle List #1

This very first installment of the Sparkle List is all about cables.  One of the most popular and unique stitches in knitting, cables have had a major role in the history and culture of knitwear.  From Aran fisherman sweaters to the Fall 2013 Dior couture show, this stitch has shown its tried and true sense […]


Crocheted Shoe Tutorial

Recently I was walking through the city right after it rained and noticed that my feet felt wet. I looked down to find that I had worn giant holes in the bottom of my shoes! Of course they were the oxfords that I wore to work all the time. As I began my search for […]


Posable Amigurumi Patterns Part1 – The Body

I mentioned in a previous post that I was making some amigurumis of me and my boyfriend at his request and they’re all done! I have provided the patterns so you can have fun with changing the colors to make them your own if you’d like. They’re a very basic shape so make a great […]

Iron Man Cozy 2

How to Knit an Iron Man Drink Cozy

The premiere of Iron Man 3 is only a couple of days away so I was asked to make a little project to celebrate the occasion. I made it with Lion Brand’s new yarn Heartland (which officially goes on sale today!) and the embroidery was done with Bonbons in Beach. It was a really quick and […]

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How to Make a Posable Amigurumi Doll

The cardigan I was working on is all done and has been packed up and shipped out to the client. I can’t wait to see how it looks on her! Now, I’m on to my next project. I’m always sending pictures of funny amigurumis to my boyfriend while I’m at work and one day he […]